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Biobanks are entities ensuring the governance, management and conservation of biological resources, living cells, viruses, bacteria and fungi, the genome of various organisms, etc…. The objective of biobanks is to conserve these resources in the best possible conditions in order to maintain their integrity and to make them available both to the scientific community to advance research and knowledge worldwide, but also to companies to facilitate the development of innovative drugs, vaccines or diagnostic tests. Biobanks have become essential for the development of genomics and personalized medicine. As a result, they have to meet the highest criteria of expertise and quality and are subject to international regulations. Biobanks combine the equipment allowing the conservation in optimal conditions of biological resources and the database making it possible to identify each preserved object.

In this MOOC, the organizational aspects of sampling, collection, transport and conservation of different biological resources, which vary depending on the material considered, are discussed, as well as the organization and management of a biobank and its equipment. Peculiarities of human sampling and of the conservation and utilization of human samples is approached. Several sessions are devoted to the quality control of these biobanks to meet international regulations. Ethical and safety issues, especially in the presence of the conservation of highly pathogenic materials and in the presence of an acute health crisis are developed. The management of a biobank, including automation and the Laboratory Information Management System are described. Finally, legal and organizational issues related to the provision and the use of conserved biological resources for scientific research and / or industrial innovations are addressed.

This MOOC is directed by Mery Pina, deputy head of the CRBIP (Biological Resource Center of the Institut Pasteur), Raquel Hurtado-Ortiz, scientific project manager at the CRBIP and co-leader of the whole-bacterial-genome sequencing project for the Collection of the Institut Pasteur (CIP), and Marie-Noëlle Ungeheuer coordinator of the ICAReB platform (Clinical Investigation and Access to BioResources) of Institut Pasteur. We wish it brings you all you wanted to know about biobanking.


Mar 01 2021 - May 05 2021


08:00 - 18:00


CRBIP (Biological Resource Center of the Institut Pasteur)


CRBIP (Biological Resource Center of the Institut Pasteur)
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