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Braga (Portugal), 01 February 2024 – Unveiling MICROBES-4-CLIMATE: MIRRI-ERIC (Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure – European Research Infrastructure Consortium) takes-off the project coordination.

In a momentous stride towards combating climate change and safeguarding our planet’s biodiversity, the MICROBES-4-CLIMATE project launches today under the prestigious umbrella of Horizon Europe. This ground-breaking endeavour embarks on an extraordinary journey, rallying 31 committed partners across 13 nations to unravel the intricate dance between soil, microorganisms, plants, and the environment.



MICROBES-4-CLIMATE sets forth with a bold vision: to deepen our comprehension of this intricate network and its pivotal role in shaping the Earth’s resilience against climate challenges. With a collective mission to provide unparalleled insights, the project aspires to cultivate a collaborative ecosystem, amplifying our collective wisdom on this critical subject.

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