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The Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI) is the pan-European distributed Research Infrastructure for the preservation, systematic investigation, provision and valorisation of microbial resources and biodiversity. 

MIRRI brings together 50+ microbial domain Biological Resource Centres (mBRCs), culture collections and research institutes from ten European countries and one associated country. MIRRI serves the bioscience and the bioindustry communities by facilitating the access, through a single point, to the broadest range of high-quality microorganisms, their derivatives, associated data and services, with a special focus on the domains of Health & Food, Agro-Food, and Environment & Energy.

By serving its users, by collaborating with other research infrastructures and by working with public authorities and policy makers, MIRRI contributes to the advancement of research and innovation in life sciences and biotechnology, as well as for a sustainable, competitive and resilient bioeconomy.

MIRRI for Researchers

Find out how MIRRI can assist you on delivering better outcomes and more impact with your research and innovation projects
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MIRRI for Industries

Find out how MIRRI can collaborate with your company on bringing more value to your processes, technologies and products
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Microbial Resources & Data

Browse/search the offer of microbial resources and associated data made available by MIRRI and its partner organisations
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MIRRI Services

Browse/search the offer of general, application-specific and integrated services made available by MIRRI and its partner organisations
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MIRRI: A single point of access to 50+ biorepositories