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Services commonly provided by MIRRI’s partner organisations, e.g. supply, deposit or identification of microbial resources by gene sequencing, as wll as advanced services, e.g. genomics, screening of metabolites, phylogenetic analysis, consultancy, and up to 95 services. For workflows/pipelines of services, please consult the MIRRI’s Application-specific Service Catalogue.

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Production of other metabolites/ bioactive substances and analysis

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Optimisation of cultures for metabolite production (antimicrobials, pigments, b-glucans, fatty-acids, heterologous proteins expressed in fungi, organic acids, mycotoxins, etc.) and detection/analysis of the metabolite of interest


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Phenotypic characterisation

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Metabolic and physiologic analyses

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Analysis of the strain metabolism (e.g. degradation/production of metabolites, detection of enzymatic activities, capability to grow under certain conditions)

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